Snowmobile week Adventure. 19th – 26th January 2020.

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Come and join us on this 8 day high octane snowmobiling week, traveling for four days through some of the most amazing scenery that Sweden has to offer.
You will cross lakes and mountains and endless woodland trails.
total distance on snowmobiles between 250-300km depending on routes chosen.

Day 1.
Travel from the UK to the remote cabin in Sweden.

The cabin is basic, sleeps fourteen people with no electricity or running water, as it is in a remote location (water is brought in) so candle light and digital detox is in order. It comes equipped with a sauna and a hot tub that we use on the last day.
Everyone takes it in turns to prepare meals.

Day 2.
Distance 69km
After breakfast head by mini bus to Storabranna to collect your snowmobile.
We are issued with helemets and we have a safety brief, and then you are handed the keys to your own machine.
From here we head off slowly to get you confident and use to your snowmobile.
We will stop along the way for lunch and at some point play in the deep snow to get you practicing how to get unstuck.
Finally we arrive back at the cabin for dinner and a good nights sleep.

Day 3.
Distance 100km
This is a long day from the cabin to the hotel at Jansmassholmen up in the mountains.
We pass through woodlands and across lakes, where we will stop for lunch and also stop in a little village to refuel the snowmobiles.
Later in the afternoon we start to go through a small range of mountains until we reach our hotel for the night.
This is a wonderful place and after dinner you can relax by the fire and take a sauna, have a beer if need be.
The accommodation is 2 per sharing.

Day 4.
Distance 100km
After breakfast we head back, with a slight deviation to a mountain top called Onrun where the views are spectacular, as on a clear day you can see the border of Norway.
We will find a place for lunch and refuel the snowmobiles again and head back to the cabin with a slight route variation to the day before.
The evening will be spent at the cabin once more.

Day 5.
Distance 70km
After breakfast we head back towards Storabranna on a different route through some of the most amazing forrest that Sweden has to offer.
Lunch and rest stops as previous days.
After lunch we will finish the final part of our journey to Storabranna and regrettably hand the snowmobiles back.
We then drive by minibus back to our cabin, where we can unwind and have dinner and a sauna.

Day 6 and 7.
These two days are purely about getting some rest as four days of driving believe it or not takes its toll, so people tend to just rest by the fire, read a book or for the more active
Go for a ski or walk with snowshoes, or even go to the local village for some exploring.
We fill and light the hot tub and sauna, have a BBQ on the final night

Day 8.

All good things come to an end, so unfortunately it is time to head to the airport and travel back to the UK.

5 reviews for Snowmobile week Adventure. 19th – 26th January 2020.

  1. 5 out of 5


    If your thinking about this trip I would strongly recommend it. You will see some of the most picturesque views on this planet, spectacular sunrises, beautiful snow filled forests and stunning wilderness that would make you think you was in Narnia.

    This trip is not just a quick lap around a flat loop! You get your own machine and set off on a adventure that sees you riding all day for four days through what only can be described as a majestic landscape.

    The staff at Intrepid are brilliant too and even if you are a novice at riding a snowmobile they talk you through how the machine works and also show you how to recover your machine if it gets stuck. They also arrange the convoy that allows you to go at your own pace, whether that be slow or fast.

    How do I know all this? Well, I have just returned from this trip and already looking to book again for next year!! 10/10

  2. 5 out of 5


    Just returned form the Snowmobile Week Recce trip, and can only say its well worth doing. Exhilarating trek through glorious winter landscapes, great machines riding solo, with a great group of guys. Camaraderie is the key to this trip, helping each other out of deep snow and back at the cabin. We had sightings of individual Moose and small herds of Reindeer. This is one of several trips I have been on with Intrepid and have enjoyed every one, from the survival course, winter chill out and canoeing in Scotland. Always carried out with professional, safe attitude along with fun. Highly recommended!

  3. :

    This is the most amazing trip. Having done the Survival Challenge some years ago I really enjoyed the Snowmobile day and always wanted to do it again. Seeing this trip, I jumped at the chance.

    Having a Snowmobile each and covering almost 300km across the 4 days was great. On the first day riding, having the time to really get used to how the machine handles and how different “snow” affects it… Following from that learning the best way to dig a snowmobile out of deep snow (see the pictures). Helping each other out of various situations and how to adjust the heated handgrips (this was key….)

    Some of the sights where breath taking – from almost a complete “white out” one day to an amazing sun rise the next. Riding through the woods on more “technical” parts of the route (a bit like single track mountain biking) to high speed to the very top of a mountain… Handing the keys back was hard after 4 days…

    A great trip and amazing value for money with flights, accommodation, snowmobile and fuel all included… Thanks Intrepid Expeditions….

  4. 5 out of 5


    What an amazing trip this is. I have been on many Intrepid Expedition trips and this has got to be at the top of my favourites list. Solo on a snowmobile in a group of like minded folk. The scenery is breathtaking. Every day the snow was different for us due to temperature changes, making the experience very different. This added to the challenge and excitement of travelling all day by snowmobile. Travelling as a group means plenty of help if you get stuck. Staff were great at giving tips on how to improve your skills. The snowmobiles were top of the range. 4 full days of fun with a couple of days at the end to chill out and recharge before returning to the UK. Thanks Intrepid Expeditions for the chance to see Sweden at its best by snowmobile. Here’s to the next trip, wherever it maybe.

  5. 5 out of 5


    What a trip! Riding through amazing snow covered forests, wind swept mountains, big open lakes and forest meadows full of waist deep powder. What could be better? The snowmobiles are modern agile, easy to ride and if you fancy have a sports button to make them even more exciting. They are not your average tourist tourer machine.

    The Intrepid team did a fantastic job with the logistics of the whole thing and with an in-depth local knowledge the route was tailored to the conditions and the abilities of the group.

    All in all spot on.

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ATOL bonded 9576.
Transfers within Sweden.
Snowmobile x 1 per person.
Back up equipment.

Warm jacket.
Warm Trousers.
Warm boots.
Spare footwear for indoors.
Underwear for the duration.
Socks for the duration.
2 x set of gloves or mittens.
Goggles or sunglasses.
Couple of T shirts
1 x Set of trousers.
2 x set of thermals.
Thin sleeping bag for inside the cabin.
Pillow case.
Head torch and spare batteries.
1 x day rucksack.
1 x large bag to put everything in…note (not a suitcase).

Personal travel insurance.
Spending money.
The snowmobile hire company will make you sign a £1500.00 waiver incase you damage a machine.