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Husky Dog Safari



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7 Days / 6 nights
Depart: Saturday/Sunday
London Heathrow to Stockholm
Internal flight Stockholm – Ostersund
Return: Saturday/Sunday
Ostersund – Stockholm – London Heathrow


Now you can experience the mountains in Jämtland in a different, exotic and exciting way. You will travel through a quiet and unspoiled landscape with the chance to see reindeer, lynx, wolverines and Arctic fox, whilst enjoying the stunning and unique surroundings.

During the night you also have the chance to see the Northern lights!

The dogs you’ll meet on our trips are Alaskan Huskies. They are friendly dogs that run fast, pull hard and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it! Everyone will get the chance to experience and drive their “own” team of 4-5 dogs.

Please download our terms and conditions pdf.


Depart: London
Arrive in Sweden’s capital city Stockholm and then catch another internal flight to Ostersund.
Total flight time 3 hours.
Travelling time from airport: 1 hour
Upon arrival you will be met by members of Intrepid Expeditions staff. Once everyone’s luggage has been loaded into the vehicle we take a minibus journey down scenic roads, passing through endless snow-covered forests to Raftalvern. We drive through Raftalvern and then take a track off the main road until we stop in what appears to be the middle of nowhere! The short walk through the trees will take you to the cabin that will be home for the next few days. The cabin is situated in a remote location used by Intrepid Expedition throughout the winter months. The accommodation is wonderfully basic with no electricity or running water, however it is dry, cosy and warm with a simple kitchen log fire, and gas lighting – with views that defy many others!

In most circumstances it will mean we arrive at the cabin late in the evening with a meal waiting and welcoming us.


0900 Breakfast
Having arrived the night before in the dark you will awaken to the most stunning views. After a hot, hearty typical Swedish breakfast we will make our way by coach to Vålådalen touriststation where we will meet and greet our dogs. At this point you will have your first contact with the husky dogs and have the chance to familiarise yourself with them, and vice versa. Every participant gets their own team and sledge to be responsible for in the days to come, so there will be no passengers – every person has to be fit for driving his/her own team of 4-5 dogs. We pack the sleds, and get instructions and a debrief on how to harness the dogs and to drive the sled. The trip starts in a forest that is several hundred years old; we drive through Vålådalen’s nature reserve known for its many species of wildlife.

Heading towards Vålåstugan we will travel along the dividing line between the mountain birch forests and the bare mountain region. In Vålåstugan (Vålåvalen) we stay overnight in a cabin. It is said that there is gold in the ground here. Old mine holes bare witness of strenuous quarrying. We melt snow for water and make a fire in the iron stove.


Early morning call at 0700 hours. Getting away on the second morning always takes time; the dogs sense that soon you will all be on your way. At this point it gets very noisy with excitement.

When everybody and the dogs are ready to go, suddenly all the dogs go quiet as they anticipate pulling the sledges. When everybody and the dogs are ready to go, suddenly through the frozen wilderness. The dogs are so keen it makes you feel humble as to how hard they work for you. We are now in the bare mountain region, the trip goes on to Helags. We stop halfway at Ljungans shelter for lunch.

The cabins at Helags are situated at the foot of Sweden’s most southerly located glacier and the highest peak south of the Arctic Circle, 1797 meters above sea level.

It starts to get dark very early, and we settle down for a typical Swedish meal of elk or reindeer stew with rice and maybe a little tea with rum to defreeze.

Tasks will be assigned to take care of the animals for the evening, and after that you can relax under the stars and watch the Northern lights (if available) before settling down for a good night’s sleep in the cabin.


0700 hours
After a hearty breakfast of porridge and toast, and with the morning chores all completed we will then leave Helags heading towards Sylarna, 1743 meters above sea level. We travel 40-50 kilometres on this day silently gliding across snow covered mountains, admiring the incredible wildlife and scenery. We stop at Mieskentjakke with magnificent views towards both Helags and Sylarna.

Then finally on to Sylarna for the night. This cabin again is comfortable and equipped to modern standards.


After breakfast we travel from Sylarna down towards Stensdalen where we stop for lunch. We are now in the birch together as one with the dogs, putting all the skills that you forest again, but by this time you will be really working wellhave learned throughout the week into one last push home.

You will end the day at Vålådalen Touriststation for dinner. After the evening meal and all the dogs have been parked and taken care of, and all equipment unloaded, unfortunately this is now time to say goodbye to your dog team. Then it is time to travel back to the cabin by coach to Raftalven for a well deserved night’s sleep.


After a very lazy lie in and breakfast has been taken care of, the hot tub/s will be moved down to the lake. We will then drill some holes in the ice and fill the hot tub with water pumped from the lake, then stoke up the fires, and whilst all this is going on, try our luck at some ice fishing. A little later on, when the hot tub is ready you can dive in and relax under the stars. If you find that doesn’t relax you then maybe the sauna will. This is a great time to unwind and reflect on the week’s activities.

1900 hours The final evening will be spent back at the cosy cabin, where a traditional meal will be cooked for the group and a good time to reflect on the week amongst new friends.

Experiences will be shared.


0600 hours
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end so after breakfast we set of for the final journey back to Ostersund airport for the onward journey back to the UK. The expedition should cover about 150 kilometres; however this can vary depending on weather and snow conditions, the dogs and the individual driving teams.


Transport within Sweden
Tipi tents /or cabin (husky phase)
Husky team
Hot tub


Personal expenditure
Personal travel insurance
Minimum of 8 people for the course to run – maximum 10


Sun glasses/ski goggles
Warm jacket
Warm trousers
Warm boots
Set of thermals
Enough underwear and socks for the duration
Head torch and spare batteries
Small first aid kit
Toiletries bag and towel
Sleeping bag
Bivvy bag
Roll mat
Large bag to put all your kit in.


Weather for this area (these are based on average figures and
it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to – 30.c)
December -9c sunrise 0908 hrs sunset 1434 hrs
January -12c sunrise 0940 hrs sunset 1431 hrs
February -11c sunrise 0830 hrs sunset 1559 hrs
March -7c sunrise 0701 hrs sunset 1725 hrs

We travel through remote wilderness where we could be exposed to bad weather at any time. Although the temperature is extremely cold, the atmosphere is crisp and exhilarating, and not like cold days in the UK.


All that is required is a current, valid 10 year passport plus a current European health insurance card.