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Great Glen Canoe Adventure (Och Aye Canoe!)

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  3rd-7th July 2019


Loch Ness has an official canoe trail, 60 miles long through the Highland Great Glen and the entire length of Loch Ness. Paddle through some of the most dramatic and inspiring countryside in the whole of Scotland from Fort William in the west to Inverness in the east. Generally it takes up to 5 days to canoe the trail depending on a number of factors like fitness, type of craft and group size.

The 60 mile route included twenty two miles of paddling on sections of man-made canal, with the rest on lochs – Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and world famous Loch Ness.

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3rd-7th July 2019

4 reviews for Great Glen Canoe Adventure (Och Aye Canoe!)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Being from Scotland it was amazing to get the opportunity to see the countryside from west to east by canoe. Having done the Swedish canoe trip and the Maine trip the Och Aye Canoe trip still has a special place in my heart. Why do I keep going on Intrepid Trips? You get to share adventures with like minded people, you meet different people, you can challenge yourself with the safety and support provided by Nigel and Intrepid Expeditions. Try it and you will know what I mean.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Just returned home from canoeing the great lochs of Scotland feeling accomplished. As a 43 and a bit unfit lady I wanted to try something new and exciting and this trip certainly did not disappoint . I managed not to fall in the water which was a bonus and felt free from the constrains of humanity , being able to just put up my hammock and tarp along the shores made me feel free . If you have any doubts abut this trip then don’t …………..just do it , never walk in anyone else’s footsteps when you can make your own . Thank you Nigel and intrepid for an amazing week . And my fellow paddlers were not too bad either lol !!!!!!

  3. :

    Did this trip for the first time in 2015, as a complete novice, 54 years old and not too fit (with back issues)! Totally enjoyed the experience. of the canoeing and camping. Even had good enough weather to just use my bivvy sleeping bag to sleep in on the beach! Great bunch of people in the team with Nigel, Rhona and Russell looking after us all the way. Nice easy canal sections mixed with some “low level” white water and weir sections. Thanks guys. SWITCH!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Forgot to give star rating! 5 as usual!

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The sixty mile route included twenty two miles of paddling on sections of manmade canal, with the rest on lochs – Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, world famous Loch Ness.


Please note that you do not have to be super fit to attend this trip as it is quite relaxing at times, and when it’s not…don’t panic we will work as a team together. However participants must be a competent swimmer

Day 1.

Meet at Muirtown basin in Inverness at 10:00 am to load your equipment onto the minibus.
We then head off to Fort William to the start of the great Glen Canoe trail.

Once at Fort William we will then load up the canoes and head off down the Canal to Gairlochy, and in the distance is the stunning Ben Nevis mountain range. Once we arrive at Gairlochy we have to do a quick portage then onto loch Lochy, where we spend the night on the shores at Clunes bay.


After a late breakfast we head off from Clunes to Laggan, where we stop for lunch. There is a floating Barge pub here, but cannot guarantee that they are open.
After lunch we head along into Loch Oich, which is the smallest of Lochs on this route, but many people say its their favorite Loch due to the stunning scenery here.

Day 3.

We leave Loch Oich in the morning and from here we have two options, paddle along the canal to Fort Augustus or run the river Oich into fort Augustus.
The river run is far more exciting and a nicer way to arrive into Fort Augustus, however this decision is made at the time due to river levels being either too low or too high, either way we end up in fort Augustus just in time for lunch.

At Fort Augustus you get to see your first sighting of Loch Ness and it is awe inspiring, there are shower facilities and toilets here too and we tend to get lunch from the local fish and chip shop.

After lunch we normally tend to spend some time building a raft from the canoes as its time to practice some serious canoe sailing along Loch ness.

Half way along loch Ness we stop at a wonderful remote spot on the southern side of the Loch and make camp for the night.

Day 4.

After breakfast it is back to some more sailing, where we head across Loch Ness to the Northern side to have lunch on the beach at Urquhart Castle, where we do receive some strange looks from all the tourist, but in our opinion this is the best way to view Loch Ness.

By early evening we reach the end of loch Ness, which is a whopping 36.3km and all done by sailing hopefully.

The nights camp is hidden around the back of of Loch Ness out of the way and is a very calm secluded spot, if however the weather permits we stay at Dores bay where there is the famous Dores pub and you can set up camp on the beach looking down the whole length of Loch Ness, and think to yourself…we just sailed/paddled that.

Day 5.

After breakfast we head along the canal and again we have two options depending on river and weather conditions.

Option one is to continue along the canal to Muirtown Basin where we first started on day one or option two paddle down the river Ness.

The river Ness is again in most peoples opinion the nicest way to arrive in Inverness.

Once we arrive in Inverness, we unpack the equipment and that is the end of this amazing trip.

We normally finish here by midday.

Mosquito repellent
Hat and Sunglasses.
Sun cream (waterproof)
1x set of footwear to get wet and a dry pair for the evening.
1x jumper/fleece
1 x waterproof jacket and trousers
Cooking pots
Knife fork and spoon
5 days worth of food for the canoe phase
One sleeping bag
One roll mat
One small torch
Bag to put it all in

Transport back to the drop off
Buoyancy jacket
Waterproof 60ltr barrel/>

What’s not included?
Personal expenses
Personal travel to Scotland.