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Fire and Ice “Unleashing Potential Through Adventure”


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Fire & Ice

“Unleashing Potential Through Adventure”

12th – 19th January, 2020

Jamtland, Sweden (150 km south of the Artic Circle)

UK Life Changer Maria Hocking & Intrepid Expeditions have collaborated to offer this unique opportunity to unleash your potential through adventure. Create lasting memories and gain lasting knowledge through winter activities combined with a personal development programme!

Would you love to escape for a week full of fun and adventure?

Would you like to experience the benefits of taking time out to reconnect with who you really are?

Would you like to invest in your future, and gain new knowledge to help you create AND sustain positive change in your life?

We’ve all experienced the ‘holiday high’ and the ‘holiday low’ when we return to our normal lives after time away. This experience will ensure that you ‘take a bit of your holiday home’ and create and sustain positive change in your life as a result!

Day 1

Fly from the UK to Ostersund in Sweden. Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by a member of Intrepid Expeditions staff who will have organised transport to drive you to the remote location that Intrepid Expeditions use for the winter.

The cabin is very basic and in a stunning wilderness setting. With snow laden trees, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery wherever you look, you will be sure to immediately relax. The cabin has no electricity or running water, which makes for an even more memorable experience! Water for drinking and cooking is bought in, and due to the limited daylight hours, you will experience doing many activities by candlelight! There is no indoor bathroom but outdoor private toilet facilities are very close by. Sleeping accommodation consists of a combination of bunk style bedrooms and a mezzanine sleeping area. There is a small kitchen for cooking, and everyone will get a chance to cook with another participant.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, we head out on cross country skis’ to explore the wilderness that surrounds you. You will quickly become absorbed in the true beauty of the environment, and begin to experience the benefits of being at one with nature.

Returning later in the day to the cabin, we will take time for a well-deserved break, before a late afternoon inspiring personal development session in the cabin. After your evening meal, we head back out into the snow to learn how to build, and to start building a snow hole.

Day 3

After breakfast, we head out together in a mini-bus to the snowmobiling location. You will be fitted with helmets, and partner up for a long and exhilarating ride through the wilderness. We will stop for lunch to rest, which will also give you the opportunity to take some amazing photos!

Later in the day, we return to the cabin to reflect upon the day’s activities and relax. After your evening meal, you will benefit from another personal development session, beginning to focus on ‘taking the holiday feeling home’. Our aim is to ensure that you don’t return to the UK and let the memories fade, but use them to live an even better life forever!

Day 4

After breakfast we have a whole mornings personal development session, working in both inside and outside of the cabin.

After lunch, you will learn the art of fire lighting in a challenging outdoor environment. You will then get a chance to put your fire lighting skills to use!

After your evening meal, we head outside to continue building our snow holes. You may even be lucky even to experience the bright dancing lights of the aurora!

Day 5

After breakfast we travel to a frozen lake to meet the huskies. You may hear the dogs before you see them, as the dogs will be excited and raring to go! The minute they start to pull you away on the sled you will experience a strong sense of peace and calm that has to be experienced to be understood! Definitely one of the best ways to explore the wilderness! You will also learn how to fish through the ice at the same location!

A hot lunch is cooked over an open campfire, to end the experience, before we travel back to the cabin to relax. After a rest, you will be ready for another inspiring personal development session.

Following your evening meal, you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about life and happiness!

Day 6

After breakfast, we step out into the white world again, to discuss and explore what feelings are evoked by the environment, and the benefits of spending time in such a location through relaxed informal conversation. We will then return to the cabin so that you can create your own personal goals to ensure that you fully unleash your potential!

After lunch, we head back out to hollow out our snow holes, and build another fire to keep warm whilst we rest.

Day 7

After a lazier morning and a longer lie in, you will have chance to ski cross country once more and make the most of your time in the wild, before returning back to the cabin for lunch for relaxation. The afternoon is yours to do with what you wish.

On your final evening, you will enjoy a delicious farewell BBQ style meal cooked by Swedish friends. After dinner, both the sauna and wood fired hot tub will be ready for you, and you can soak in hot water under the stars, surrounded by the snow laden trees! Simply magical!

Day 8

All good things must come to an end, but this is also the beginning! You will travel back to the UK with amazing memories and new knowledge which will allow you to create AND sustain positive change within your life. Two weeks later, you will have the opportunity to experience a 30 min telephone coaching session, to ensure that you are sticking to your plan!


Investment: £1495, £300 deposit required.


For more information Ring Maria on 07922 046740 or email

All flights
Transport within Sweden
Husky Dogs
Snow mobiles 2 person per snowmobile
Snow shoes
Crash helmet
Use of cross country skis
Ice fishing equipment
Hot tub

Personal expenditure
Travel insurance
Transport in the UK

1 X Pair of warm boots

2. 1 X Footwear for inside the cabin) crocs /trainers

3. Enough thermal socks for the duration

4. 2 X Complete set of thermals

5. Enough underwear for the duration

6. 1 X Pair of trousers

7. 1 X Jumper or fleece

8. 1 X Waterproof jacket or ski

9. 1 X Waterproof trousers

10. 1 X Pair of gloves or mittens

11. 1 X Hat


13. 1 X Towel

14. 1 X Sun and lip block

15 1 x Head torch (spare

16. 1 x Sunglasses or ski goggles

18. 1 X Whistle

19. 1 X Knife fork and spoon

20. 1 X Mug (plastic)

21. 1 X Personal first aid kit

22. 1 x Thin sleeping bag for inside the cabin.

23. 1 X rucksack or Holdall bag


25. 1 X Thermos flask 1ltr

26. 1 X Pillow case for inside
the cabin

27. 1 X Camera

28. 1 X set of swimwear for
the hot tub

29. 1 X driving licence for