New MSR tents coming soon.

Here at Intrepid Expeditions we simply love MSR equipment.

So much so,  that we will be adding some of their tent range to the shop, and remember we only sell what we have tested and fully recommend.

I have so much faith in their tents I recently tested a 3 season Elixir 2 tent in a 4 season cold snowy and sometimes wet environment in Sweden…guess what?…it worked superbly IMG_1862 as always.

MSR Guardian water purifier.

We are proud to be able to offer you the award winning MSR Guardian Purifier.

We have a policy where we only sell products that we recommend and have tested ourselves.

The new Guardian purifier is no exception and can honestly say it is the best purifier so far to date that we have tested.

We will be thoroughly testing it to the extreme next year as I am so confident in this product it will be the only water purifier that we will use on our canoe expeditions for the entire groups, and with a capacity to purify 10.000 litres and MSR’s super reliability I have no doubts it should last us many years to come.

Intrepid Expeditions – Sweden Canoe Expedition

Bringing Expedition Safety to the Next Level:

Real-Time Tracking and Positioning

As exploration and expeditions become increasingly big business, from the survival course in the desert to the journey through extreme Arctic conditions, the levels of safety demanded and expected inevitably rise.

On 24th July Nigel Startin of Intrepid Expeditions, who is hugely experienced in leading expeditions involving extreme conditions, leads a week-long canoe expedition to the most remote rivers of northern Sweden. The journey will be tracked by Globavista, a company with an international reputation for delivering sophisticated asset monitoring, precise positioning and tracking solutions to the world’s most hostile environments. On this trip they will be using integrated Yellowbrick devices, which are among the toughest and most reliable satellite tracking devices available.

‘We are delighted to be able to support Nigel and Intrepid Expeditions, ‘says Globavista’s Managing Director Mark Hewish. ‘We already work with and support events such as the Volvo Ocean Race so we welcomed the opportunity to put our products through their paces in the tundra wilderness of northern Sweden.’

Included on this trip to Sweden is a lone worker travelling as a film and documentary maker, who is joining the expedition to make a short documentary.
During the trip, the Intrepid expedition will be constantly tracked and monitored by Globavista on position as well as being able to send robust and reliable messages from the vast empty wilderness.

‘At our end, Globavista Portal will be able to track not only the expedition, but also the valuable film equipment assets that will be travelling with the film maker,’ adds Mr Hewish. ‘However, the real excitement for us will not only being able to track where the explorers are on the deserted river with their canoes, but we will also be able to record the full and exact historic route taken, including any deviation from the route corridor set.’

‘Our technology has already been proved and tested. We will be giving Nigel and his team at Intrepid Expeditions data to inform on future expeditions to the area as well as the added security of real-time safety support. By providing real-time tracking, positioning and monitoring, we are helping ensure that new levels of safety, analysis and marketing tools are available to the benefit of not only the clients on this trip, but also to the expedition organisers. In an expanding sector, safety, knowledge and security are paramount. That is what Globavista provides.’

Latest Testimonial

“I wanted to thank you for a superb trip, from the outset you have been efficient and very easy to deal with meaning that the expedition went off without a single hitch.

Your personable approach and humour quickly put us at ease and inspired confidence from the outset and the depth of experience which you bring with you is reassuring. The cabin, campsites and scenery are all great. Paddling through the landscape, taking in the scenery and enjoying Sweden’s peace and tranquillity was a real stress buster.

I found that the group gelled really well and although we came from different walks of life we were united in the willingness to expose ourselves to the experience and I feel that I have established some firm friendships on this trip. The expedition was an enriching experience for me, which I would recommend to anybody, who has the slightest curiosity about it. In fact I would say to anybody who has found their way to your website don’t just look at it – book it you won’t regret it.’ Mr M Fradgley

Intrepid kit review

A short while ago someone said to me “what’s the best bit of kit that you’ve tested”…the answer was on the tip of my tongue with the Peli case, or Nelly as our oldest one is called.

I think that they were hoping for me to say something like a certain type of sleeping bag or jacket, but no a peli case …or here’s why.

Writing kit reviews can sometimes prove slightly difficult because initially you can go on first impressions and I suppose you can take the product outside and play with it and give it a test for a while…. but a twelve year test …now that is something quite different.

Intrepid expeditions started using Peli cases from day one of what we do, in fact our first case Nelly is still going strong to this day, we use it as the emergency case. Imagine a flight recorder box with expensive shiny stuff in it.

We use ours to carry people’s medical forms and spare vhf radios, satellite phones, weather monitoring equipment, spare mobile phones, E.P.I.R.B camera GPS etc. They are fantastic in getting your gear from point A to point B in the condition it’s meant to be in: intact and functional…and they do it well.

The only negative thing is as soon as you have bought one you then have to pluck out the foam inserts in order to suit whatever it is you intend to put in it….It’s what you have to do but buying something new then ripping the inside out of it seems rather strange

Peli cases are incredibly strong, waterproof and dustproof to say the least, in fact they actually breathe but can not get wet inside this is due to a clever self regulating pressure valve and our has been down more sets of rapids and has been frozen solid more times than I can imagine and yet still performs exactly how it was intended.

Peli make many products from all shapes and sizes ranging from laptop cases to mobile tool chest to gun cases and in fact they even have a range for the military which says something.

I would give the peli case a ten out of ten for what it does and in fact they are ding dong.


You can now book your travel insurance through Intrepid Expeditions.

INTREPID EXPEDITIONS act as an Introducer Appointed Representative for the purposes of your travel insurance, appointed by Global Travel Insurance Services Ltd who are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority whose status can be checked on the FCA Register by visiting or by contacting the FCA on 0845 606 9966.

Contact Details: Address for correspondence: The Turret, 25 Farncombe Road, WORTHING, West Sussex, BN11 2AY

Telephone: 01903 235042 Fax: 01903 229389. Email
We will provide you with an application form enabling you to arrange this insurance. If preferred, you can where you can obtain a quotation and arrange the insurance online.

The most suitable of the products available is SINGLE TRIP PLUS. Once you have arranged the basic policy online, you will need to contact Global Travel Insurance to add the required Activity Pack. If applying by post, please contact Global Travel Insurance for confirmation of the cost of the Activity Pack . Beyond providing this information, we are not allowed to assist you in any way in the arrangement of your travel insurance or give any advice.

Mad River

We have just returned from Sweden at the weekend because we needed to deliver our new fleet of Mad river canoes in time for the July 2012 Swedish canoe expedition, just about the time when the rest of the world is going Olympic mad.

Our journey had taken us from Harwich to Denmark with DFDS ferries and considering that the UK was experiencing storms and floods I have to say we experienced the smoothest crossing across the North sea, which seemed very strange.

We then drove across Denmark to Sweden via the enormous sea bridges and the team were all so impressed as to how spotless Denmark is as a country, the Danish people were polite and their courteous driving made the driving with a big trailer a relief….”we have a lot to learn’.

Then it was a mad dash north to meet up with our sister company Intrepid Expeditions se to hand them over, have a quick paddle of course and then headed back south through Sweden and through Denmark, then sail again to the UK.

We have decided to go the entire way when it comes to renting our canoes out so therefore this is why each mad river canoe 16TT comes with two flotation bags, three paddles, two buoyancy aids, one portage trolley, one 20m throw-line and two helmets and one dry barrel and two painter lines as standard.

Believe us when we say nobody offers such a package for the price of our canoe trips…yet again no middlemen involved…well apart from the airlines…but I’m working on that…one day Intrepid air…sounds a bit scary though.

I’m afraid to say that the canoes and buoyance aids are bright red, however this was our intention from the start as we want to be able to see people on the rivers and not blend into the scenery as you would in a green canoe…so sorry but safety always comes first with us.

Bookings for the 2013 canoe expedition in Sweden are open as this years trip is now full to the gunnels so to speak, but as always we are not changing the price for next year, they are the same as they have been for many years just £895.00 all inclusive.

DFDS website
Madriver canoes