Intrepid Expeditions – Sweden Canoe Expedition

Bringing Expedition Safety to the Next Level:

Real-Time Tracking and Positioning

As exploration and expeditions become increasingly big business, from the survival course in the desert to the journey through extreme Arctic conditions, the levels of safety demanded and expected inevitably rise.

On 24th July Nigel Startin of Intrepid Expeditions, who is hugely experienced in leading expeditions involving extreme conditions, leads a week-long canoe expedition to the most remote rivers of northern Sweden. The journey will be tracked by Globavista, a company with an international reputation for delivering sophisticated asset monitoring, precise positioning and tracking solutions to the world’s most hostile environments. On this trip they will be using integrated Yellowbrick devices, which are among the toughest and most reliable satellite tracking devices available.

‘We are delighted to be able to support Nigel and Intrepid Expeditions, ‘says Globavista’s Managing Director Mark Hewish. ‘We already work with and support events such as the Volvo Ocean Race so we welcomed the opportunity to put our products through their paces in the tundra wilderness of northern Sweden.’

Included on this trip to Sweden is a lone worker travelling as a film and documentary maker, who is joining the expedition to make a short documentary.
During the trip, the Intrepid expedition will be constantly tracked and monitored by Globavista on position as well as being able to send robust and reliable messages from the vast empty wilderness.

‘At our end, Globavista Portal will be able to track not only the expedition, but also the valuable film equipment assets that will be travelling with the film maker,’ adds Mr Hewish. ‘However, the real excitement for us will not only being able to track where the explorers are on the deserted river with their canoes, but we will also be able to record the full and exact historic route taken, including any deviation from the route corridor set.’

‘Our technology has already been proved and tested. We will be giving Nigel and his team at Intrepid Expeditions data to inform on future expeditions to the area as well as the added security of real-time safety support. By providing real-time tracking, positioning and monitoring, we are helping ensure that new levels of safety, analysis and marketing tools are available to the benefit of not only the clients on this trip, but also to the expedition organisers. In an expanding sector, safety, knowledge and security are paramount. That is what Globavista provides.’