Intrepid kit review

A short while ago someone said to me “what’s the best bit of kit that you’ve tested”…the answer was on the tip of my tongue with the Peli case, or Nelly as our oldest one is called.

I think that they were hoping for me to say something like a certain type of sleeping bag or jacket, but no a peli case …or here’s why.

Writing kit reviews can sometimes prove slightly difficult because initially you can go on first impressions and I suppose you can take the product outside and play with it and give it a test for a while…. but a twelve year test …now that is something quite different.

Intrepid expeditions started using Peli cases from day one of what we do, in fact our first case Nelly is still going strong to this day, we use it as the emergency case. Imagine a flight recorder box with expensive shiny stuff in it.

We use ours to carry people’s medical forms and spare vhf radios, satellite phones, weather monitoring equipment, spare mobile phones, E.P.I.R.B camera GPS etc. They are fantastic in getting your gear from point A to point B in the condition it’s meant to be in: intact and functional…and they do it well.

The only negative thing is as soon as you have bought one you then have to pluck out the foam inserts in order to suit whatever it is you intend to put in it….It’s what you have to do but buying something new then ripping the inside out of it seems rather strange

Peli cases are incredibly strong, waterproof and dustproof to say the least, in fact they actually breathe but can not get wet inside this is due to a clever self regulating pressure valve and our has been down more sets of rapids and has been frozen solid more times than I can imagine and yet still performs exactly how it was intended.

Peli make many products from all shapes and sizes ranging from laptop cases to mobile tool chest to gun cases and in fact they even have a range for the military which says something.

I would give the peli case a ten out of ten for what it does and in fact they are ding dong.