Aqua Trek Power Bank


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This waterproof portable rechargeable battery is uniquely suited to out-door activities. It has a bright LED torch with an SOS facility, should the need arise, a potentially crucial piece of safety equipment, particularly in a marine environment. The grade ‘A’ Samsung batteries hold a full charge for up to a year and have very little loss on DC transfer, giving the maximum number of charges for a given capacity.

The Aqua Trek waterproof camping phone charger, once charged will retain its capacity for months, ready for when needed, as part of a survival kit or a reassuring back up charger for boats, festivals and camping. I personally have used one as my main source of charging for my iPhone for over 6 months. We have also left one in the water for 1 month, flashing an SOS, it still works.

• The original product, not a copy with inferior internals
• Genuine Samsung grade ‘A’ Batteries, Premium electronics
• 9000mAh = 4-5 phone charges
• Water-poof (to 1m depth), Shock-proof, Dust-proof, Sand-proof, very compact and robust external battery
• Rechargeable power bank from mains usb, pc or car usb
• Efficient led torch with ‘SOS’ facility
• Battery will retain its charge for months
• Suitable for all phones all usb charged 5v devices including GoPro, GPS, Tablets, Garmin, hand held VHF
• 1 year warranty