2012 Swedish canoe expedition

We have just got back from our recent successful canoe trip from Sweden this year. 23rd-29th July 2012

We set off from Heathrow itching to get away from the chaos of modern life with the help of Scandinavian Airlines and as soon as we arrived at our cabin location in Sweden where a meal by an open fire was waiting, we then all began to relax.
The trip was basically seven days in total with five days on the water paddling from Alviken to lit, the weather was kind to us, not too hot during the day and not too cold during the night, the river water levels were high for this time of year due to the high rainfall in the spring which meant that we could go down the faster moving water sections without too many problems or swimmers shall we say.
It was the first group to test all of our new mad River canoes and equipment and all performed superbly…a few scratches here and there, which is normal.

The group dynamics were amazing with ages ranging from 15 to 65. With spirits so high and laughter all along the way nothing stood in our way.

As we were away for the Olympic ceremony we decided to run our own woodland Olympics on the open evening, improvisation was paramount so we played using a rock for the shot put a plastic plate for the discuss and a smoke flare for the torch, not to mention a game of rounder’s, British bulldog (that should be an event by the way) limbo and wheel barrow races.
All very impromptu but still excellent fun.

We started our day by being dropped off at the canoe start point by private coach, where upon arrival we sorted all the equipment and canoes out and had an our of familiarization to canoeing and some paddle coaching and a safety brief.

We then spent the next five days paddling our way down river taking in all the scenery and doing a spot of fishing along the way where finally we made it to our final destination with fifteen minutes to spare…phew, and then it was back to the cabin by coach for a well-earned rest and a BBQ.

The vast majority of people slept in DD Hammocks each evening that was a new concept to some people of the group and are now fully converted to hammock life in the outdoors.

Then it was back to Heathrow airport to re instate some stress back into our lives…yay.